U18 Competitive AA/A Tryouts


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Groups - HERE - Each session will have a new table created with updated lists


UPDATE: October 11, 2023

We apologize for the delay in posting. The following players have been selected to our U18-AA and U18-A teams for the 2023-24 season. If you do not see your player's name below, they have been released to recreation. 

U18-AA   U18-A
First Name Last Name Position   First Name Last Name Position
Alex Dunn Defence   Breton MacKinley Defence
Carter Burgess Defence   Cael Copeland Defence
Christopher Flemming Defence   Connor O'Rourke Defence
Duncan Juurlink Defence   Dylan Flynn Defence
Nolan Cook Defence   Logan Urquhart Defence
Raine Vardy Defence   Oliver Smith Defence
Adam Dill Forward   Shane Slade Defence
Benny McCormack Forward   Aiden Chisholm Forward
Cameron White Forward   Austin Wright Forward
Connor Watt Forward   Christopher Normore Forward
Cooper Pape Forward   Coby Frizzell Forward
Devlin Quinn Forward   Eric Roberts Forward
Eddie Gallant Forward   Grant Trumble Forward
Isaac Powell Forward   Jack Redden Forward
Jack Adams Forward   Jacob Berry Forward
James Martin Forward   Logan Humphreys Forward
Sean MacDougall Forward   Simon Blanchard Forward
Steven Yuzefovich Forward   Ben MacKay Goaltender
Ewan Garriock Goaltender   Cameron Moore Goaltender
Ryan Donovan Goaltender        


UPDATE: October 5, 2023

The group for the October 5th exhibition game has now been updated HERE 

No players have been released at this point. 


First Name Last Name Position   First Name Last Name Position
Christopher Flemming Defence   Carter Burgess Defence
Nolan Cook Defence   Steven Yuzefovich Forward
Raine Vardy Defence        
Riley MacKinnon Defence        
Cooper Pape Forward        
James Martin Forward        
Jack Adams Forward        
Ryan Donovan Goaltender        


UPDATE: October 2, 2023

The groups for the October 3rd and October 4th sessions have now been updated HERE


To date, attendance for the U18 tryouts have been disappointing. 

We need commitment from players to show up to their scheduled sessions or self-select out of Competitive Hockey for this season, if we're going to continue the tryout process as planned.
We understand that some players may still have High School tryouts or work commitments, and if you do, we ask you to email tryoutattendance@bedfordblues.com and let us know so that we can plan accordingly. 
Simply not showing up is not an option.
There are many volunteers and other players who have committed to showing up and providing a positive experience for all involved.