U11 Competitive AA/A/B Tryouts


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UPDATE: October 8, 2023

The following players have been assigned to U11-AA Blue and U11-AA White. U11-A and U11-B will be announced later this evening or tomorrow, October 9. 

U11 AA Blue - Eric Gillis
U11 AA White - Denis Aucoin
First Name Last Name   First Name Last Name
Ashton McWilliams   Aidan Burry
Bryan Lynk   Ethan MacIsaac
Everett Glessing   Liam Dickson
Jett Doucet   Luke Sheehan
Liam Dunn   Maxton Churchill
Logan Stoner   Reid Maidment
Brody Wilson   Alexander MacDonald
Griffin Stevens   Carter King
Isaac Felden   Cohen Aucoin
Jace Downey   Hunter Clare
Liam Picott   Luca Diremigio
Owen Taylor   Max Bethune
Roman Gillis   Max Kennedy
Rowan Hurley   Maximus Lafave
Ryder Hawes   Theo Denny
Carter Smith   Luke Gimblett
Gavin Boudreau   Zachary Peveril

The following players have been assigned to the A and B levels for the 2023-24 season. Detailed rosters will be announced in 24 hours. 

Parked to A   Parked to B
First Name Last Name   First Name Last Name
Aiden Stewart   Aiden Yuan
Alex Landry   Alexancer Spencer
Asher Lefebvre   Alexander Chung
Beckett Gill   Asher Orman
Blake Ryerson   Augustus Rudolph
Brock Blair   Beckett Price
Cash Coutinho   Ben Davidson
Cooper Walsh   Brayden Tully
Dawson MacIsaac   Bryer Grant
Drew Taylor   Cameron Hume
Dylan Mosher   Charlie Bing
Easton Mundle   Connel Young
Elliot Joudrie   Dorian Huska-Regular
Evander Peters   Ethan Thornton
Everett Campbell   Graydon Pietarinen
Illan Dhurmeea   Henry Hudgin
Jack Douglas   Jack Reed
Jackson MacDonald   Joshua Cartwright
Jake MacKinnon   Luke Hartlen
Jay Isenor   Luke Landry
Jiacheng Peng   Max Oulette
Kyler Tufts   Meyer Schnare
Leo Milberry   Nathan Hann
Lucas Roscoe   Noah Brewer
Mason Durdle   Noah Gillis
Max Byrne   Nolan McGill
Nikita Gridin   Owen MacDonald
Oliver Jewel   Therence Bai
Rosemary Bramwell   Tyler Rowe
Taylor Cameron   Zixuan He
Timothy Abad   Atticus McFarlane
Travis Baker   Camdyn Giles
Beckett Hurley   Hudson Cuzner
Cruz Coutinho   Joseph Tucker
MacKenzie Haddon      
Rowan Jones      


UPDATE: October 5, 2023

Detailed rosters for the October 5th and October 6th Exhibtion games are now posted - HERE

The following players are parked to their respective levels. There may be some players in these lists that are assigned to play games on October 5th and October 6th


Parked to AA   Parked to A   Parked to B
First Name Last Name   First Name Last Name   First Name Last Name
Aidan Burry   Aiden Stewart   Alexancer Spencer
Ashton McWilliams   Alex Landry   Alexander Chung
Brody Wilson   Beckett Gill   Asher Orman
Bryan Lynk   Beckett Hurley   Augustus Rudolph
Carter King   Blake Ryerson   Beckett Price
Carter Smith   Brock Blair   Cameron Hume
Cohen Aucoin   Cash Coutinho   Charlie Bing
Ethan MacIsaac   Cooper Walsh   Dorian Huska-Regular
Gavin Boudreau   Cruz Coutinho   Nathan Hann
Griffin Stevens   Dawson MacIsaac   Nolan McGill
Hunter Clare   Dylan Mosher   Tyler Rowe
Isaac Felden   Easton Mundle      
Jace Downey   Evander Peters      
Jett Doucet   Everett Campbell      
Liam Picott   Jake MacKinnon      
Liam Dickson   Jay Isenor      
Logan Stoner   Jiacheng Peng      
Luke Sheehan   Kyler Tufts      
Luke Gimblett   Leo Milberry      
Max Bethune   Mason Durdle      
Maximus Lafave   Max Byrne      
Owen Taylor   Oliver Jewel      
Reid Maidment   Rosemary Bramwell      
Roman Gillis   Timothy Abad      
Rowan Hurley            
Ryder Hawes            
Theo Denny            
Zachary Peveril          


UPDATE: October 2, 2023

Detailed rosters for the October 3 Exhibtion games are now posted - HERE


UPDATE: September 30, 2023

The following players have advanced to the next phase of U11 Competitive tryouts. If you do not see your player's name in the below groupings, they have been released to our recreation program and will be contacted by VP Recreation, Nancy Oldford with more information on evaluations and team placements. 

Roster for the October 1 exhibition games will be updated later tonight HERE

***NOTE - Not all remaining players are assigned to rosters for exhibition games on October 1st. If you do not see your player's name on a roster, they will be assigned to a roster for the next exhibition game on the tryout schedule

Parked to AA   AA Pool   A Pool   B Pool
First Name Last Name   First Name Last Name   First Name Last Name   First Name Last Name
Brody Wilson   Aidan Burry   Aiden Yuan   Aengus Allen
Bryan Lynk   Alexander MacDonald   Aiden Steward   Alexancer Spencer
Carter King   Asher Lefebvre   Alex Landry   Alexander Chung
Cohen Aucoin   Ashton McWilliams   Atticus McFarlane   Asher Orman
Ethan MacIsaac   Beckett Gill   Beckett Hurley   Augustus Rudolph
Hunter Clare   Carter Smith   Blake Ryerson   Beckett Price
Jett Doucet   Cash Coutinho   Brock Blair   Ben Davidson
Liam Picott   Cruz Coutinho   Connel Young   Brayden Tully
Liam Dickson   Drew Taylor   Cooper Walsh   Bryer Grant
Logan Stoner   Everett Glessing   Dawson MacIsaac   Camdyn Giles
Luke Sheehan   Gavin Boudreau   Dylan Mosher   Cameron Hume
Luke Gimblett   Griffin Stevens   Easton Mundle   Charlie Bing
Roman Gillis   Illan Dhurmeea   Elliot Joudrie   Denis Losenok
Rowan Hurley   Isaac Felden   Ethan Thornton   Dorian Huska-Regular
Ryder Hawes   Jace Downey   Evander Peters   Eric Reimer
Theo Denny   Jack Douglas   Everett Campbell   Ethan Fox
      Jackson MacDonald   Grayson Pietarinen   Evan Campbell
      Jiacheng Peng   Henry Hudgin   Harrison McAllister
      Liam Dunn   Jack Reid   Hudson Cuzner
      Luca Dirmiegio   Jake MacKinnon   Joseph Tucker
      Lucas Rosco   Jay Isenor   Joshua Cartwright
      Max Bryne   Kyler Tufts   Logan Isenor
      Max Kennedy   Leo Milberry   Luke Landry
      Max Bethune   Luke Hartlen   Max Ouelette
      Maximus Lafave   MacKenzie Haddon   Meyer Schnare
      Maxton Churchill   Mason Durdle   Nate Tutty
      Nikita Gridin   Noah Brewer   Nathan Hann
      Owen Taylor   Oliver Jewel   Nicholas Blackwood
      Reid Maidment   Owen MacDonald   Noah Gillis
      Taylor Cameron   Rosemary Bramwell   Nolan McGill
      Travis Baker   Rowan Jones   Therence Bai
      Zachary Peverill   Timothy Abad   Tyler Rowe
                  Zixuan He


UPDATE: September 28, 2023

Groups for the next phase of tryouts have now been posted HERE

Stage 3-session 4 will be intrasquad games

No players have been released at this time. 


UPDATE: September 25, 2023

Groups for the next phase of tryouts have now been posted HERE

No players have been released at this time.