Ice Allocation Process


Ice Allocation is a growing concern for all associations within HRM. With the growth of the game and other ice sports and the loss of the Dome facility in Bedford, we have been allocated what we feel is less than adequate ice times.



How Ice Allocation is Determined


HRM allocates ice to each association based on a “Standards of Fair Play” formula which determines the total number of weekly hours each user group is entitled to. 


This year, BDMHA was allocated 120hrs/week for approximately 1100 players across 56 teams. This allocation is then used by BDMHA to establish game and practice schedules for all of our teams, and the remaining time is dedicated to development programs like Core Skills and Goalie Training. When assigning practice times and home ice game times, BDMHA’s goal is to try and meet the Hockey Canada recommended standards as best we can. 


The Hockey Canada Recommended Standard is the goal

Level of Play

Recommended Hours per Week

House League


Competitive/Single A 


Rep (AA,AAA)



Normally after BDMHA receives its ice allocation from HRM we work with the facilities to procure additional ice to support our programs. For the past several years with the loss of the Rocky Lake Dome procuring ice that will support our programs has become a near impossible task.



Our Plan to Address the Issues


Ice Allocation by HRM is completed based on HRM’s Community Action Plan, which you can review (HERE). 


BDMHA believes there is a gap in HRM’s Standards of Fair Play formula, and it should be re-evaluated. This includes updates to age groups, aligning the SOFP with Hockey Canada recommendations and the ability for associations like BDMHA with development programs to be able to submit those for consideration.



What BDMHA is Doing about Ice Allocation


BDMHA is having discussions with HRM and facilities about the need to re-evaluate the formula based on user demographics and the need to find creative solutions to help solve the ice issue BDMHA currently faces. 


Additionally, BDMHA has purchased additional ice wherever possible in order to continue some of our development programming and to provide teams with better ice times than they may currently have. 



What Can You Do


BDMHA is asking its members who are concerned about ice allocation and availability to contact your HRM councillor to express your concerns. The more they understand the issue, the more likely they are to look at how they manage ice allocation.