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Update: October 9, 2023

The follwing players have been selected to U13-B. Teams have been assigned practice on Sunday, October 15th.

We are pleased to announce our head coaches for U13-B

  • Charlie MacLean
  • Mo Doucet
  • Craig Smith
U13-B Blue (Team MacLean)   U13-B Gold (Team Doucet)   U13-B White (Team Smith)
First Name Last Name Position   First Name Last Name Position   First Name Last Name Position
Blake Brien Defence   Elayna Doucet Defence   Brendan Black Defence
Reid Cooper Defence   Kian Dunn Defence   Jack Connors Defence
Chase Falconer Defence   Mike Forbrigger Defence   John Cooper Defence
Riley Gillis Defence   Avery Gautier Defence   Jake Fournier Defence
Max Leblanc Defence   William Kanellakos Defence   Liam Furdas Defence
Benjamin Li Defence   Mac Thorne-Humphey Defence   David Manuge Defence
Alex Burrows Forward   Nathan Crowell Forward   Maverick Brown Forward
Nathan Isenor Forward   Dylan Finney Forward   Oscar Colavecchia Forward
Rylan MacLean Forward   Dylan Gale Forward   Sam Mette Forward
Rowan MacLellan Forward   Joel Gautier Forward   Will O'Neil Forward
Blake O'Hearn Forward   Oliver Hudgin Forward   Tomis Pettipas Forward
Hudson Purdy Forward   Mitchell Jonasson Forward   Jensen Reese Forward
Will Ralph Forward   Caelan Orman Forward   Aiden Smith Forward
Luke Reimer Forward   Tyler Penney Forward   Coby Stewart Forward
Lucas Smith Forward   Charlie Watt Forward   Ryan White Forward
Griffin McNamara Goaltender   Shia Dunford-Woods Goaltender   Noah Leggett Goaltender


UPDATE: October 6, 2023

The following players have been assigned to the AA/A/B levels for the 2023/24 season. Detailed rosters for the AA and B teams will be announced within 24 hours. 

We are pleased to announce the following coaches. 

  • U13-AA: Rob MacLean & Mike Danton
  • U13-A: Trevor MacLean
  • U13-B: Charlie MacLean, Mo Doucet, Craig Smith


Parked to AA   Parked A   Parked to B
Adrain Hogan Defence   Benjamin Xue Defence   Avery Gautier Defence
Cameron Hefford Defence   Levi Chisholm Defence   Benjamin Li Defence
Emmett Connors Defence   Liam Hewitt Defence   Blake Brien Defence
Isaac Caldwell Defence   Quinn White Defence   Brendan Black Defence
Jacob Piccott Defence   Reed Stevens Defence   Chase Falconer Defence
Lachlan Whynott Defence   Tavis MacDonald Defence   David Manuge Defence
Levi Harris Defence   Breton Durdle Forward   Elayna Doucet Defence
Liam Latariya Defence   Dylan Graves Forward   Jack Connors Defence
Mashall Potter Defence   Easton Pilon Forward   Jake Fournier Defence
Max Samuelson Defence   Joshua Pouliot Forward   John Cooper Defence
Parker Kogon Defence   LIam Campbell Forward   Kian Dunn Defence
Roman Sukhorukov Defence   Oliver MacLean Forward   Liam Furdas Defence
Alex MacLean Forward   Ryder Bottomley Forward   Mac Thorne-Humphrey Defence
Carter Lenihan Forward   Thomas Mugford Forward   Max Leblanc Defence
Claire Trumble Forward   Thomas Warford Forward   Michael Forbrigger Defence
Cohen MacNally Forward   Brendan Troini Goaltender   Reid Cooper Defence
Cooper Martell Forward           Riley Gillis Defence
Drew Cameron Forward           William Kannelakos Defence
Emmett Sutherland Forward           Aiden Smith Forward
Eric Boudreau Forward           Alex Burrows Forward
Ethan Johnson Forward           Blake O'Hearn Forward
Ethan King Forward           Caelan Orman Forward
Fisher Schnare Forward           Charlie Watt Forward
Gregor O'Hearn Forward           Coby Stewart Forward
Jake Flemming Forward           Dylan Finney Forward
Keeyan Tufts Forward           Dylan Gale Forward
Nathan MacMullin Forward           Hudson Purdy Forward
Quin Smith Forward           Jenson Reece Forward
Ryan Quigley Forward           Joel Gautier Forward
Tanner Danton Forward           Lucas Smith Forward
Declan LaPointe Goaltender           Luke Reimer Forward
Gavin MacKay Goaltender           Maverick Brown Forward
Lydia Higgs Goaltender           Mitchell Jonasson Forward
Owen McCormick Goaltender           Nathan Isenor Forward
                Nathan Crowell Forward
                Oliver Hudgin Forward
                Oscar Colavecchia Forward
                Rowan MacLellan Forward
                Ryan White Forward
                Rylan MacLean Forward
                Sam Matte Forward
                Tomis Pettipas Forward
                Tyler Penney Forward
                Will O'Neil Forward
                William Ralph Forward
                Griffin McNamara Goaltender
                Noah Leggett Goaltender
                Shia Dunford-Wood Goaltender


UPDATE: October 3, 2023

Detailed rosters for the October 4 Exhibtion games are now posted - HERE

The following players have been parked to AA or B

Parked to AA   Parked to B
Adrain Hogan Defence   Blake Brien Defence
Cameron Hefford Defence   Elayna Doucet Defence
Emmett Connors Defence   Jake Fournier Defence
Isaac Caldwell Defence   John Cooper Defence
Jacob Piccott Defence   Liam Furdas Defence
Lachlan Whynott Defence   Max Leblanc Defence
Levi Harris Defence   Michael Forbrigger Defence
Liam Latariya Defence   Riley Gillis Defence
Mashall Potter Defence   William Kannelakos Defence
Max Samuelson Defence   Aiden Smith Forward
Alex MacLean Forward   Alex Burrows Forward
Claire Trumble Forward   Blake O'Hearn Forward
Cohen MacNally Forward   Caelan Orman Forward
Cooper Martel Forward   Charlie Watt Forward
Drew Cameron Forward   Coby Stewart Forward
Eric Boudreau Forward   Dylan Finney Forward
Ethan Johnson Forward   Hudson Purdy Forward
Ethan King Forward   Jenson Reece Forward
Fisher Schnare Forward   Ryan White Forward
Gregor O'Hearn Forward   Sam Matte Forward
Jake Flemming Forward   Tyler Penney Forward
Keeyan Tufts Forward   William Ralph Forward
Quin Smith Forward        
Tanner Danton Forward        
Declan LaPointe Goaltender        
Gavin MacKay Goaltender        
Lydia Higgs Goaltender        
Owen McCormick Goaltender      


UPDATE: October 2, 2023

Detailed rosters for the October 3 Exhibtion games are now posted - HERE


UPDATE: September 29, 2023

The following players have advanced to the next phase of tryouts. Detailed rosters for September 30 exhibition games will be posted by 9 pm HERE

***NOTE - Not all remaining players are assigned to rosters for exhibition games today. If you do not see your player's name on a roster, they will be assigned to a roster for the next exhibition game on the tryout schedule

If you do not see your player's name in the groups below, they have been released to our recreation program and will be contacted by VP Recreation, Nancy Oldford with more information on evaluations and team placements. 

Group A         Group B       Group C    
First Name Last Name Position Status   First Name Last Name Position   First Name Last Name Position
Emmett Connors Defence Parked   Avery Gauthier Defence   Adam Barss Defence
Isaac Caldwell Defence Parked   Benjamin Xue Defence   Alexander Hann Defence
Jacob Piccott Defence Parked   Blake Brien Defence   Benjamin Li Defence
Levi Harris Defence Parked   Brendan Black Defence   Carter Anderson Defence
Adrian Hogan Defence     Chase Falconer Defence   David Manuge Defence
Cameron Hefford Defence     Elayna Doucet Defence   Evan Pendlebury Defence
Lachlan Whynott Defence     Jake Fournier Defence   Henry Mackinnon Defence
Liam Hewitt Defence     John Cooper Defence   Jack Connors Defence
Liam Latariya Defence     Kian Dunn Defence   Max Leblanc Defence
Marshall Potter Defence     Levi Chisholm Defence   Reid Cooper Defence
Max Samuelson Defence     Liam Furdas Defence   Riley Gillis Defence
Parker Kogon Defence     Mac Humphrey Defence   Thomas Latrou Defence
Reed Stevens Defence     Michael Forbrigger Defence   William Kannelakos Defence
Roman Sukhorukov Defence     Quinn White Defence   Benjamin Skebo Forward
Tavis Macdonald Defence     Aiden Smith Forward   Connor Bartel Forward
Alex MacLean Forward Parked   Alex Burrows Forward   Dutch Foster Forward
Claire Trumble Forward Parked   Blake O'hearn Forward   Dylan Gale Forward
Cohen McNally Forward Parked   Breton Durdle Forward   James Gore Forward
Cooper Martell Forward Parked   Caelan Orman Forward   Joel Gautier Forward
Drew Cameron Forward Parked   Charlie Watt Forward   Joseph Chattar Forward
Eric Boudreau Forward Parked   Coby Stewart Forward   Josie Gallant Forward
Fisher Schnare Forward Parked   Dylan Finney Forward   Luke Reimer Forward
Jake Flemming Forward Parked   Hudson Purdy Forward   Matthew Frizzel Forward
Carter Lenihan Forward     Jenson Reece Forward   Maveric Brown Forward
Dylan Graves Forward     Nathan Isenor Forward   Mitchell Jonasson Forward
Easton Pilon Forward     Oliver Hudgin Forward   Nathan Crowell Forward
Emmett Sutherland Forward     Rowen Maclellan Forward   Oscar Colavecchia Forward
Ethan Johnson Forward     Ryan White Forward   Rory O'Sullivan Forward
Ethan King Forward     Rylan Maclean Forward   Ryan Mccabe Forward
Gregor O'Hearn Forward     Sam Matte Forward   Noah Leggett Goaltender
Joshua Pouliot Forward     Thomas Warford Forward   Cameron Jollimore-Warren Goaltender
Keeyan Tufts Forward     Tomis Pettipas Forward   Griffin MacNamara Goaltender
Liam Campbell Forward     Tyler Penney Forward   Hayden Baker Goaltender
Lucas Smith Forward     William O'neil Forward        
Nathan MacMullin Forward     William Ralph Forward        
Oliver Maclean Forward     Brenden Troini Goaltender        
Quinn Smith Forward     Gavin MacKay Goaltender        
Ryan Quigley Forward     Shia Dunford-Woods Goaltender        
Ryder Bottomley Forward                  
Tanner Danton Forward                  
Thomas Mugford Forward                  
Declan Lapointe Goaltender                  
Lydia Higgs Goaltender                  
Owen McCormack Goaltender                


UPDATE: September 28, 2023

Upon review of the U13 lists posted on September 27, 2023 we have identified a clerical error that has affected a very small number of players.

In discussion with the Tryout Committee and lead evaluators, we have concluded that this will not impact overall player placements for the season and will be corrected for the next evaluation session on September 30, 2023

Some group assignments may also change for the September 28th sessions. Those players will be contacted directly. 

We apologize for any inconvenience that may have been caused. 


UPDATE: September 24, 2023

The groups for Phase 3 have been posted HERE