BDMHA Boundaries as outlined by Hockey Nova Scotia, current to the 2021-22 season. 

Boundaries are continually reviewed by HNSMC and are subject to change. In the event where boundaries are adjusted, the association will commmunicate all details to membership. 

To view the map of our boundaries, click HERE

This is a Goolge map, it will allow you to search residential addresses and pinpoint location in relation to the highlighted Blues boundary. If your home falls within this highlighted zone, you are to register with BDMHA. 
The following is a description of the boundaries of the Bedford Minor Hockey Association

The Association boundaries will be in accordance to the boundaries set out by the Hockey Nova Scotia Minor Council (HNSMC).
  1. Bedford Highway – Highway #1
    • Starting at the old Bedford Town Limit sign beside 757 Bedford Hwy – Clearwater Fine Foods and the Bedford Highway. Proceed along the shore line of the Bedford Basin into Bedford and back out to the south end of the National Defence property where it meets the Dartmouth boundary at Akerley Boulevard
  2. Route #7
    • Starting at the Dartmouth City boundary (close to Akerley Boulevard), on Windmill Road. Proceed easterly up around the outside of Burnside Industrial Park along the railroad tracks then cross over to the intersection of Hwy 118 and Hwy 318 (Waverley Road)
  3. Waverley
    • At the intersection of Hwy 118 and Hwy 318 (Waverley Road) following the west side of the 118 to where it intersects with Perrin Drive and follow Perring Drive to the end. From this point, follow a direct line easterly to the East Hants boundary by Kelly Lake. Then following the common boundary across to the intersection of Laurie Provincial Park at Grand Lake and Hwy #2
  4. Wellington
    • At the intersection of Laurie Park and Hwy #2 follow the East Hants MHA boundary line across Grand Lake to where it meets Kings Road/Sleepy Cove Road intersection. From this point follow a straight line down to where Rawdon River enters Kinsac Lake and then follow a line down through to where it ends at the junction of the Fall River/Windsor Junction Road.
  5. Windsor Junction Road
    • At the Fall River/Windsor Junction Road intersection, follow the Windsor Junction Road to where it meets the Cobequid Road. From this point, follow the tracks through Hwy 102 to Rocky Lake Drive, and then to the intersection of Duke Street. Follow Duke Street to where it intersects with Hwy 102, to where it intersects with Hwy 101 and the Bedford Rifle Range.
    • Lakeview Drive from Cobequid Road to Bicentennial overpass is part of Sackville Minor Hockey Association
  6. Hwy 102-102 Intersection
    • Starting at the point where Hwy 101/102 meet, follow a line through the Bedford Rifle Range to the Lucasville Road (at the Timber Trails Trailer Park) to the intersection of the Hammonds Plains Road
  7. Hammonds Plains Road
    • At the intersection of the Hammonds Plains/Lucasville Road, proceed in a straight line across to Cranberry Lake, to Stillwater Lake (following TASA boundary). From Stillwater Lake, follow a straight line to the point where Bell Street meets Larry Uteck Boulevard at the north end of Kearney Lake (Halifax boundary line).
    • At this point, follow Larry Uteck Boulevard down to the point where it intersects with the Bedford Highway. Everything north of this line is Bedford. From this intersection, follow a line up behind Fernleigh Subdivision to 757 Bedford Highway (Clearwater Fine Foods) in the Bedford Highway. Fernleigh subdivision is part of Halifax Minor Hockey Association.