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COVID Update - 01.04.2022


BDMHA Members,

We have revised our reopening date to Jan 7, 2021 at 8am. If teams wish to practice before Jan 7th they can do so provided they use team funds to purchase the ice time.
As per Public Health and HNS guidance:
  • Games and tournaments are not permitted
  • maximum of 10 participants (including coaches and instructors) will be permitted in the field of play for practices and training; physical distancing is not required during these sessions, but masks are required everywhere in the facility but on the ice
  • Spectators will be not be permitted at any activities
  • Travel restrictions remain in effect that prohibit children age 11 and younger from entering or leaving Nova Scotia to participate in sports


Details on groups of 10:

Teams can practice in separate groups of up to 10 (including coaches and instructors) on the ice at the same time. Teams need to ensure that the groups (including coaches and instructors) are completely separated from the time they arrive at the facility until the time they leave. Players could not switch groups (ex: players are not permitted to spend half a practice with one group and then spend the other half with the other group) during the practice. There can be no intermingling of cohorts so the space would have to allow for distancing between cohorts, staggered entry into the facility and onto the field of play, separate change rooms, etc. 


Contact tracing:

We continue to ask that the team safety rep/manager be informed of any Covid cases. Teams will be considered close contacts if they had exposure to the positive player/coach in the 48h prior to positive test and/or symptoms. Please keep in mind that if the team has multiple cohorts on the ice all players/coaches on the ice are considered close contacts.


As always, stay home if sick. Wear your mask properly and ensure it is 3 layers. 


If you have any questions or concerns about the reopening plan, please contact Safety Coordinator, Lori Connors, l.connors@bedfordblues.com

Jan 4, 2022