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U13AAA Tryout Process

The following flow chart demonstrates the 5 stage tryout process for U13AAA for the 2023/24 season. Tryouts will begin September 15th, 2023. 

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BDMHA's Competitive Team Tryout/Player Selection Information guide can be found [Here]

Given that the U13AAA process is an isolated process, there will be NO resetting of scores at any stage during the 2023-2024 process specific to U13AAA.

Prior to COVID 19, Stage 1 of this process was a Spring ID. This will not be used for the 2023-2024 season and will be re-evaluated for inclusion in next and subsequent seasons. There are pros and cons to a Spring ID but it can help manage numbers for an organization this large by providing an initial sort.

For the purposes of the 2023-2024 season, Stage 1 and Stage 2 will be combined. 

Each player trying out for U13AAA will be guaranteed 4 sessions. They will include a goalie, forward, defence specific skills session (1), a battle/tactical/game application session (1) and an initial set of intrasquad games (2) for a total of four (4). These are tentatively scheduled to occur over the course of September 15th and 16th. 

Upon completion of play on the 16th, the Evaluation Team will meet, consult and regroup the players from four (4) groups/teams down to three (3) groups/teams. As part of this regrouping, some players will see their U13AAA tryout conclude and will be re-assigned to the U13AA/A/B pool to commence at a later date. The number of players assigned to U13AA/A/B is outlined in the flow chart at the end of each stage. Tentatively, after Stage 2 above, 15 players would be reassigned to U13AA/A/B which is broken down to 3 Goaltenders, 3 Defence and 9 Forwards. These numbers are subject to change as the Evaluation Team deems appropriate.  What that means is if players are dispersed with their scoring, more could be re-assigned and if there is a cluster, less could be re-assigned.

Stage 3 is scheduled to be a series of 2 intrasquad games per player in these reformed groups. Again, some players will be re-assigned to U13AA/A/B at the conclusion of this stage and the rough numbers are outlined on the flow chart for illustrative purposes.

Stage 4 is scheduled to be a split-squad series of exhibition games against Tasa with all remaining players.  

Stage 5 will include a Coach's Skate. This is designed to be approximately 3G, 8D and 12F.  Stage 5b tentatively has one final exhibition game hosted by Tasa at St. Margaret's Centre.  We may decide to conclude the tryout at the end of the Coach's skate and utilize this September 21st exhibition game as one for the final team or we may decide to utilize it to give one more evaluation session to the process.  We are trying to balance transparency with flexibility and also trying to be cognizant of the fact that players not making the BDMHA U13AAA team at this stage need time to explore other options.   All this to say that the 2023-2024 BDMHA U13AAA team is tentatively scheduled to be named on either September 20th or September 22nd.

There will also potentially be a series of exhibition games in Bridgewater on the weekend of September 23rd for the fully named team and coaching staff.

For any questions, please reach out to Brian Furdas, VP of Competitive. 


Aug 25, 2023