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2023 AGM & Nominations Committee Update


To the Executive of Bedford & District Minor Hockey Association and its members, 


The Nomination Committee met on May 21, 2023 and completed its role of vetting nominees against the respective criteria for the Bedford and District Minor Hockey Association’s Executive Officers.


Please see the results of the Nomination Committee as it relates to the 2023-2024 Executive for the Bedford and District Minor Hockey Association.

  1. Executive Officers Appointed by Acclamation

  • President – Jason Foster
  • VP Recreation – Nancy Oldford
  • VP Development – Christien Lefebvre (pursuant to paragraph 3 or Article VI of the Constitution – Christien Lefebvre was confirmed a member in good standing in 2021 which is within the previous 2 calendar years)
  • VP U7/U9 – Megan Douglas


  1. Executive Officers Voting at the Annual General Meeting
  • VP Competitive – Kyla Burry and Brian Furdas
  • VP Operations – Ken Lenihan and Chris Snide

 Details of voting procedure will be communicated to membership no later than 7 days prior to the AGM


  1. Executive Offices Remaining Vacant (2 are subject to below Committee recommendations)
  • VP Finance – See Comments below with respect to candidate/nominee
  • Secretary - No nominees


  1. Further Recommendations for Subsequent Appointment by New Executive Officers


Of note, there were several nominees for Executive Officers outlined below that were ruled ineligible for the final Nomination process due to the past precedent definition of “year” being interpreted as 365 days versus “a hockey season”. 


Given the strength of continuing leadership resides with our volunteers, although it is outside the Nomination Committee’s mandate, the Committee would strongly recommend the subsequent appointments by a majority of the new Executive Officers of the following individuals in good standing to the following roles pursuant to THE BDMHA CONSTITUTION ARTICLE VII: ELECTION OF EXECUTIVE OFFICERS:

  • VP Finance – Craig Lynk




The BDMHA Nominations Committee

May 24, 2023