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2022-23 Evaluations and Tryout Process


BDMHA Members;


I’d like to start by welcoming you all to the 2022-2023 BDMHA hockey season.  Like every year, this season will officially begin with our Evaluations and Tryout process.  Over the course of the summer, the BDMHA Executive Committee put together a Try Out Committee and gave them a goal of producing a set of procedures and processes that met the following goals: 

  • To provide a fair and impartial assessment of a player's total hockey skills.
  • To ensure that players have the opportunity of being selected to a team appropriate to their skill levels as determined during the on-ice evaluations of the current year.
  • To provide BDMHA with the opportunity and flexibility to build a team based on our evaluation process and knowledge of player skills and attitude.
  • To provide uniformity and consistency in the evaluation process such that a player and parent expectations are consistent from year to year as players move through the various levels of the association's programs.
  • To form teams to maintain balanced and competitive play where the athletes can develop and participate equitably and have fun playing hockey during the season.
  • To provide feedback in order to facilitate player development. 


The committee consisted of Andre Lefebvre, Nancy Oldford, Kyla Burry, Chris Snide and Jason Foster. This group of people worked over the last two months to produce a document for review and feedback from the entire BDMHA Executive Committee and to be approved by the BDMHA Executive.  On September 2nd, 2022 the Executive approved the document and you can find it here .  As a result of the committee’s hard work and effort I can give everyone insight into some of the extremely positive steps that will be part of the 2022-2023 tryout season. 

1.      We have established a “Warm-Up” Weekend which will be held this year on September 24th and 25th.  This warm up weekend is for all players at the U11 through U18 at both the competitive and recreational levels.  It’s a chance for these players to get on the ice prior to the evaluation and tryouts beginning.  There are no evaluations done this weekend and not attending will have no impact on a player's progression through the tryout or evaluation process.

2.      We are going to hold several information sessions the weekend of September 24th and 25th for parents where we will walk through the process for both the tryouts and for how scoring is conducted, reviewed, audited and ultimately used to form competitive and recreational teams.  A list of times will be provided next week.

3.      Each age group will have its own set of independent evaluators.  Each group will be led by a head evaluator and at least 4 other evaluators.   With the help of Andre we are able to announce that all evaluators will be non-parents and have no previously known ties to BDMHA.

4.      Each evaluation group will meet with our HDP to go over the drills that will be used, the skills we are looking to evaluate with each drill and the overall evaluation process.

5.      All drills for the first weekend of tryouts at U11 to U18 will be released on our website 72 hours prior to tryouts beginning.  These drills will include what skills the evaluators are looking for so both parents and players have a clear understanding of what success in a drill will mean.

6.      Each Evaluator, Selection Committee member and Tryout Committee member must declare any conflicts of interest and remove themselves from the process for the age group the conflict of interest pertains to, they must also sign a confidentiality agreement.

There are many more key improvements in the process so I invite all of you to read the document and to bring your questions to an informational meeting.  Due to the amount of work left to prepare for the evaluation and tryout session we will not be answering questions related to the new process via email.  We will answer all of your questions on September 24th or 25th.  For the U13-AAA group we will find a time next weekend to hold an informational meeting with you before the U13-AAA tryouts begin.


2022 Tryout Schedule Details: 

1.      U13 AAA tryouts will begin September 15th, 2022 and conclude no later than September 25th, 2022.  Groups will be posted on or before September 11th.  A link to that schedule can be found HERE

2.      U11 – U18 “Warm-Up Weekend” will be September 24th and 25th, 2022.  Groups will be posted on or before September 21st.

3.      U11 – U15 Tryouts will be October 1st to 20th.  Please note there will be NO tryout sessions scheduled over Thanksgiving weekend (October 8,9,10).  Initial groups for opening weekend will be posted by September 28th.

4.      U7 / U9 / U11 / U13 / 15 Rec Evaluations will begin in early October,  we are still finalizing the ice schedule.  There will be no sessions scheduled over Thanksgiving weekend (October 8,9,10).

5.      U18 Tryouts and Evaluations will be at the conclusion of the High School tryouts, sometime around October 18th.  More details to follow.

I want to extend my personal thank you to all members of the tryout committee and the BDMHA Board members for their efforts in getting us to this point.  I look forward to seeing everyone back in the rink.



Jason Foster
President, BDMHA



Sep 5, 2022