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Mental Health Awareness Session - Nov. 6, 2023

Hello BDMHA Families,
On November 6th BDMHA is proud to be offering a mental health awareness session.  The session will be led by former professional hockey player and goaltender Ben Meisner.
Ben is a German / Canadian citizen who played his minor hockey in Nova Scotia before moving on to play Prep School hockey for 3 years, followed by an exceptional NCAA Division 1 career where he received a full scholarship and set 12 school records, 2 conference records and 2 all time NCAA Division 1 records.  Following college, Ben played professional hockey in North America and Germany for 13 years, capping off his career with a DEL2 championship last year. Ben now works with the Tasa Minor Hockey Association and serves as an NHL scout.

In addition to all of those accomplishments, Ben wrote an article that was posted in the Players Tribune entitled 'I'm Not Connor McDavid'.  In this article Ben discusses his path and challenges through his minor hockey, school and professional careers.
We're very excited to have Ben join us to speak with our players and parents.  This is open to both our players, coaches and parents.  Everyone is encouraged to attend if possible.
When: November 6th, 2023
Time: 7:00pm to 9:30pm

Where: In Person or Online, HRM 4Pad Multi Purpose Room and Google Meet.  There is space only for the first 40 people who wish to attend in person.
When registering, please indicate if you would like to attend in person.  Once the In person attendance is full, a confirmation will be sent to those who have a space.
Any questions please reach out to Chris Snide, VP Development, c.snide@bedfordblues.com
Thank you


Oct 31, 2023

Respectful Behaviour and Zero Tolerance Polices

BDMHA is committed to cultivating a safe and productive sports environment and a culture of respect. We expect the highest standards from our players, coaches, team officials, parents and volunteers at all times.

We take pride in being ambassadors for our organization and our community whenever we are at a rink — home or away. We expect all our players and coaches to demonstrate respect for:

  • Themselves;
  • Their teammates;
  • Their coaches;
  • Parents;
  • Volunteers;
  • The game and all of its rules;
  • Opponents;
  • Referees;
  • Any facility we occupy, especially our arena;
  • Our equipment (both personal and association equipment);
  • Guests in our arena;
  • Our neighbours in the community.

Examples of respectful behaviour expected of BDMHA members include (but are not limited to):

  • Players picking up garbage in the dressing rooms and being respectful towards arena staff;
  • Players not complaining about penalty calls either verbally or via body language;
  • Parents and players demonstrating moderation in celebrating goals in blowout games;
  • Parents not cheering opposing team injuries;
  • Coaches not yelling at or berating players or referees;
  • Players “taking a knee” in practice when summoned by coaches and not engaging in distracting/unsafe behaviour.

Our Zero Tolerance Policies can be found (HERE)

Oct 26, 2023

Ice Allocation

Ice Allocation 


Ice Allocation is a growing concern for all associations within HRM. With the growth of the game and other ice sports and the loss of the Dome facility in Bedford, we have been allocated what we feel is less than adequate ice times.



How Ice Allocation is Determined


HRM allocates ice to each association based on a “Standards of Fair Play” formula which determines the total number of weekly hours each user group is entitled to. 


This year, BDMHA was allocated 120hrs/week for approximately 1100 players across 56 teams. This allocation is then used by BDMHA to establish game and practice schedules for all of our teams, and the remaining time is dedicated to development programs like Core Skills and Goalie Training. When assigning practice times and home ice game times, BDMHA’s goal is to try and meet the Hockey Canada recommended standards as best we can. 


The Hockey Canada Recommended Standard is the goal

Level of Play

Recommended Hours per Week

House League


Competitive/Single A 


Rep (AA,AAA)



Normally after BDMHA receives its ice allocation from HRM we work with the facilities to procure additional ice to support our programs. For the past several years with the loss of the Rocky Lake Dome procuring ice that will support our programs has become a near impossible task.



Our Plan to Address the Issues


Ice Allocation by HRM is completed based on HRM’s Community Action Plan, which you can review (HERE). 


BDMHA believes there is a gap in HRM’s Standards of Fair Play formula, and it should be re-evaluated. This includes updates to age groups, aligning the SOFP with Hockey Canada recommendations and the ability for associations like BDMHA with development programs to be able to submit those for consideration.



What BDMHA is Doing about Ice Allocation


BDMHA is having discussions with HRM and facilities about the need to re-evaluate the formula based on user demographics and the need to find creative solutions to help solve the ice issue BDMHA currently faces. 


Additionally, BDMHA has purchased additional ice wherever possible in order to continue some of our development programming and to provide teams with better ice times than they may currently have. 



What Can You Do


BDMHA is asking its members who are concerned about ice allocation and availability to contact your HRM councillor to express your concerns. The more they understand the issue, the more likely they are to look at how they manage ice allocation.

Oct 25, 2023

Base Layer Policy


We want to draw your attention to the new Hockey Canada policy for dressing rooms.




It requires all players to always have their base layer on in the dressing room both before and after their ice session.


Please note that this policy is not gender based.


If players need to change into / out of their base layer, then this must use a washroom to do so. 


This applies to all ages and groups in minor hockey and is not something that a team or individual can opt out of. 






Thank you in advance for your compliance.


Oct 25, 2023