U9 Evaluations


U9 Evaluations

Upcoming Sessions:

  • Saturday October 16th       11:15am-3:15pm  Pad B  
  •                                                3:30pm-5:30pm   Pad A
  • Sunday October 17th          12pm-2pm            Pad C
  •                                                 2pm-6pm            Pad A
  • Monday October 18th         4:15pm-6:15pm  Pad B
  • Tuesday October 19th         4:15pm-6:15pm  Pad D
  • Wednesday October 20th   4:15pm-6:15pm  Pad D


Saturday October 16th

Here are player times for the Saturday October 16th U9 Evaluations at the Halifax 4-Pad (former BMO Centre).  Please note that Groups 1-4 will be on Pad B and Groups 5 and 6 will be on Pad A.  The Jordan Boyd tournament will also be taking place this weekend so expect the parking lot and 4-Pad to be quite busy.

  • Please arrive 30 minutes before your scheduled Evaluation time.  
  • Make sure you go to the correct entrance for each Pad.
  • Each player is required to check-in when they arrive at the HRM 4-Pad.
  • Players will be assigned a specific jersey to wear for the Evaluation session.  Don't forget to return the jersey!
  • All people 12 years of age and older need to provide Proof of Vaccination and approved ID to enter the facility.
  • Only those who show proof of vaccination may enter to tie skates - No Exceptions.
  • No food or drink are permitted in the facility.
  • Parents with Proof of Vaccination are allowed in the dressing rooms.
  • Please check carefully each Pad you're assigned each day as the Pads change even within a given day.
  • Make sure your player arrives with Full Equipment!  Double check their bags as we've had a number of players forgetting various items.
  • If you're having difficulty finding your player's name, try looking at the website on a computer versus a mobile device, or do a search using Ctrl-F.  You can also change your mobile device to landscape view to see the entire page or in your browser setting select "Desktop site" to view the entire page.


Player Groupings Saturday October 16th

Group 1 - 11:15 am

Pad B


Group 2 - 12:15 pm

Pad B

Aidan Stewart   Aidan Burry
Aiden Dominic   Beckett Hurley
Alexander Landry   Braden Tully
Alexander Macdonald   Carter Smith
Brody Glover   Cayde Kleynhans
Bryan Lynk   Cohen Aucoin
Carter King   Dawson Macisaac
Ethan Macisaac   Dylan Mosher
Griffin Stevens   Easton Mundle
Hunter Clare   Evander Peters
Ilan Dhurmeea   Everett Campbell
Isaac Fielden   Graydon Pietarinen
Isabella Macmullin   Henry Hudgin
Jace Downey   Jack Douglas
Jett Doucet   Jack Reid
Liam Dickson   Jackson Macdonald
Luca Diremigio   Liam Piccott
Luke Gimblett   Logan Stoner
Luke Sheehan   Lucas Roscoe
Maxime Bethune   Mariano Ruiz
Maximus Byrne   Mason Durdle
Nathan Hann   Max Kennedy
Owen Taylor   Maximus Lefave
Reid Maidment   Maxton Churchill
Roman Gillis   Oliver Jewell
Rowan Hurley   Owen Macdonald
Theo Denny   Timothy Abad
Tristan Plamondon   Yicheng Aiden Yuan


Group 3 - 1:15 pm

Pad B


Group 4 - 2:15 pm

Pad B

Asher Lefebvre   Alexander Spencer
Ashton Macwilliams   Asher Orman
Atticus Mcfarlane   Ben Davidson
Avery Peters   Blake Maccormack
Beckett Price   Blake Ryerson
Ben Lacroix   Callie Bowman
Camdyn Giles   Charlie Bing
Cash Coutinho   Charlie Walsh
Connell Young   Danielle Acker
Cooper Lacroix   Dax Walsh
Cooper Walsh   Ellie Nash
Cruz Coutinho   Emily Comer
Drew Taylor   Emmett Hilton
Elliot Joudrie   Eric Reimer
Ethan Fox   Hunter Knee
Ethan Thornton   Jase Cossaboom
Everett Glessing   Jiacheng Peng
Gabriel Mcleod   Joshua Cartwright
Gavin Boudreau   Kyler Tufts
Isaiah Young   Laura Johnstone
Jake Mackinnon   Liam Maclean
Jaxsen Oake   Lucah Power
Jay Isenor   Luke Hartlen
Leo Milberry   Luke Merrick
Liam Dunn   Madeleine Isenor
Meyer Schnare   Max Ouellette
Nikita Gridin   Michael Maclean
Noah Gillis   Nicholas Blackwood
Oliver Power   Noah Blair
Samuel Mackinnon   Noah Brewer
Taylor Cameron   Silas Surette
Travis Baker   Theodore Maclean
Tyler Rowe   Yuchan Jeon


Group 5 - 3:30 pm



Group 6 - 4:30 pm


Aengus Allen   Andrii Roienko
Alexander Cheung   Arielle Grant
Blake Parker   Augustus Rudolph
Bowen Wang   Beckett Murray
Brody Macdonald   Blair Jones
Cameron Hume   Blake Hogan
Cameron Mclearn   Bryer Grant
Elin Thomson   Cameron Sparks
Emily Parker   Cecelia Armstrong
Evan Campbell   Daniel Raee
Harrison Mcallister   Denis Kosenok
Hawksley Swain   Dorian Huska-Regular
Joshua Wilcox Alonso   Emmett Lepage
Keltin Macneil   Eric Leblanc
Logan Isenor   Hudson Cuzner
Mackenzie Haddon   Jaye Barrett
Max Graham   Jett Graham
Maxim Bertelli   Joseph Tucker
Mila Harley   Josey Kogon
Nathan Tutty   Joshua Ramjeesingh
Paisley O'hanlon   Lawrence Baillie
Rose Macaulay   Luka Landry
Seth Mroz   Luke Osborne
Terence Bai   Madeline Herman
Tessa Mitchell   Matthew Adams
Wilton Kavanaugh   Nicholas Cooper
Winston Cullum   Oake Legere
Xavier Macquarrie   Oscar Austen
Zixuan He   Rishabh Vivek
Shaun Jaggi   Sadie Lewis
    Seamus Mcdonald
    Sirui Liu


Players will be re-grouped after Saturday's Evaluation sessions and the new groups for Sunday October 17th will be posted online by the end of the day Saturday October 16th.  Goalies will also be assigned their times for Sunday Oct.17th at this time.


Frequently Asked Questions

U9 2021-2022 Season


Here is some information for U9 players and parents about the upcoming season.  Some of this information is based on past years, and as such, is subject to change at any point.  We’re hoping for a more normal hockey season this year!  


1.     Registration and Evaluations Dates: 


Registration has closed as of September 9th.  Any player wishing to play hockey this season should already be registered; otherwise, it could have an impact on Evaluations and your child’s placement on a team.


Evaluations are currently scheduled for:

  1. Timing evaluation on either Monday October 12th, Tuesday October 13th or Wednesday October 14th during your player's assigned ice time.
  2. Saturday October 16th 11am-6pm
  3. Sunday October 17th 9am-5pm
  4. One of Monday October 18th, Tuesday October 19th or Wednesday October 20th 4:15pm-6:15pm on these days.


It is the responsibility of the parents to check the Bedford Blues website for final notification of when Evaluations will be taking place, and the specific times and groups on the dates: https://bedfordblues.com/


2.     Pre-Evaluation Ice Times


We have 3 pre-evaluation ice times booked for each player.  These will be taking place on:

  • Saturday October 2nd 8:45am-3pm
  • Sunday October 3rd  8am-2pm
  • One of Monday Oct 4/Tuesday Oct 5/Wednesday Oct 6  4:15pm-6:15pm 


The fourth session on Tuesday Oct 12/Wednesday Oct 13/Thursday Oct 14 is the start of the evaluation process and will include evaluation timing that will help form the basis for the Saturday Oct 16th groups.  These times are for sorting purposes only for the Saturday Oct 16th groups and will not be a part of the player's overall score.  More information about your player’s assigned time for each day will be posted online on the Bedford Blues website: http://www.bedfordblues.com


These are in accordance with Hockey Canada guidelines on having all players have some scheduled practices prior to their Evaluation sessions.  While not mandatory, we encourage all U9 players to come out and get some practice ice times in during these 3 sessions.  Due to the large numbers of players involved, we cannot accommodate requests to change groups for these skates.



3.     What are Evaluations?  Are they Try-Outs?


Evaluations are when players are evaluated on their skill and then placed on teams with other players at the same skill level.  Evaluations are not try-outs. U9 players are not competing for a specific team; there is no draft nor will they be cut.


4.     What are the different levels in U9? How many teams are there? 


There are three levels of U9 Hockey – Developmental, Intermediate and Advancing.

Last year BDMHA had 4 Developmental Teams, 3 Intermediate Teams, and 3 Advancing Teams. This may change from year to year.  All of these teams are co-ed.


5.     What skills are being evaluated?  How do Evaluations take place*?   


In the past players were evaluated on their skating, stick handling and playing ability.  The evaluations will start with several timing stations during the time assigned to your player on Tuesday Oct 12, Wednesday Oct 13 and Thursday Oct 14th.  These times will then help form the basis for the groups on Saturday October 16th.  These timing sessions are for sorting purposes only for Sat Oct 16th and will not be a part of the player's overall score.


Following these sessions, a schedule with player groupings will be posted on the Bedford Blues website by Friday October 15th. Players will be scheduled for one hour on Saturday October 16th.  Players will then be regrouped after Saturday’s Evaluations, and scheduled for an additional hour on Sunday October 17th.  After Sunday, players will be regrouped and assigned a time on Monday October 18th, Tuesday October 19th or Wednesday October 20th.


On arrival each player will be assigned a specific jersey and will perform approximately 2-4 drills or stations. Each player will perform each drill or station a number of times (approximately 3 times). There will be at least one Evaluator (a person not associated with any U9 player) responsible for evaluating one drill for all groupings to ensure consistency in the evaluation of that drill (last year we were fortunate enough to have 2 Evaluators per drill).   


Only players and Evaluators are allowed inside the actual rink while the Evaluations are taking place.  Parents, siblings, friends, etc need to remain outside the actual ice area of the rink during the Evaluation sessions. 


After these Evaluations, players will be assigned to either Advancing, Intermediate or Developmental – this will be the level they will play at this year. 


*The above information is based on past practice and subject to change. 



6.     How come my player didn’t make U9 Advancing in first year? 


Please remember that players are placed on teams with other players at the same skill level.   First year U9 players will be evaluated with second year U9 players. There are close to 200 players at the U9 level – half are returning U9 players and half are moving up from U7.


By the mere fact that half of the U9 players are at least one year older, it usually implies that they are just a little bit stronger, faster and have one more year of experience playing hockey at the U9 level.


Please do not be discouraged if your player is placed in the Developmental Level at any stage. In fact, have a realistic expectation that your player will start at this level and maybe next year move up to the Intermediate or Advancing levels (because they will then be the second year player who is stronger, faster and more experienced).  


For reference of the 2018-2019 season, 3 first year U9 players made Advancing teams, and 22 first year U9 players made Intermediate teams out of approximately 100 first year players.  75 first year U9 players played at the Developmental level that year.



7.     What is included in the registration cost? Do they play “real” games?     


Registration includes shared practice times and half-ice games. You can expect to be at the rink up to 3 times a week.   The U9 team schedules are not necessarily set on a particular day/time for the year, like U7 generally was.  The team practice and game schedules will be changing each week.  Some practice times will be as early as 4pm on a weekday and 7am on the weekends, and practice times can rotate each week.  The schedule changes and it will not be set far in advance – it’s like that for the rest of hockey.


ALL teams, regardless of level, will only practice up until the end of November with no games. Starting December 1st, all teams will play half ice games for the remainder of the season during their game ice times. Practices will also continue for the remainder of the year during their practice ice times.  Games are played usually once per week and scores are not kept.



8.      Are there additional costs?


On the consensus of the team, there are normally additional funds (called seed money) collected to cover the costs of jamborees, additional ice times, team functions etc.


These additional costs could start at $100-$200 per player. Some teams collect this money from parents at the beginning of the season to determine what tournaments to sign up for and how much additional ice times they can purchase.   This is in addition to the regular registration fee and is often due early in the season.



9.      What about Goalies?


We need Goalies – especially since we are playing half ice games all season!


BDMHA is a huge supporter in building Goalies. We will provide goalie equipment for the U9 Age players. If your player is interested, please encourage them to give it a try. The role of the Goalie is shared among all of the players on the team at the U9 level.


For those players interested in only playing Goalie, there is a separate stream for Goalie evaluations during the general U9 Evaluations in October.   Please indicate on your registration form that your player is interested in being evaluated as a goalie.  This is intended for players entering their second year of U9.



10.  What about Female Players in U9?


We encourage female players to register with the Bedford Blues as all of our teams are co-ed.  Females that want to play on a co-ed team will register with Bedford Minor Hockey, and those who want to play on an all female team will register with Metro West Force.


Female players must make the decision if they are going to play on a co-ed or all-female team BEFORE Evaluations begin (ie when you register your player).    


Second year U9 Players that played on an all-female hockey team in their first year are definitely eligible to play co-ed in their second year if they'd like. All players who register with Bedford Minor Hockey (female and male) will be evaluated together.



11.  Do you need Head Coaches, Assistant Coaches and Managers?


With approximately 10 different teams – we need 10 Head Coaches and 10 Managers! Each team will also need approximately 4 or 5 Assistant Coaches too!


Please consider taking on the role of Head Coach or Manager. There is no hockey without parents volunteering.  BDMHA has a great support system to provide you with assistance and guidance. If you want to learn more, please ask! 


There are some courses and background checks that need to be completed, but coaches have until the end of November to get these done. With the exception of the background checks that need to be redone every 3 years, the coaching courses and certifications only need to be completed once.


Any Coach or Manager who started coaching three years ago will need to renew their Criminal Record Check (CRC) with Vulnerable Sector check.


Note: Teams are not created until all Evaluations have taken place. Once Evaluations are completed and players are placed in one of the three levels, then the association looks at who is interested in being a Coach or Manager. If you are interested in coaching more than one team or changing your interest from Assistant Coach to Head Coach, please let the U9 Coordinator or VP U7 and U9 know as soon as possible as it helps with creating teams in a timely fashion.       



12.  Player Requests


If you are requesting to be placed on the same team as another player, please note that we can only accept 1 request per player as a consideration.  The family of the other player must also send the same request, and these must be received before Evaluations begin. 


We can’t guarantee that we can accommodate all requests as we need to balance teams with skill level, number of Coaches, Assistant Coaches, Managers, etc but we will do our best to help when we can if the players are placed at the same level after Evaluations are complete.


Have Fun!

At this age the kids want to play the sport and have fun with their friends. We want the U9 level to be a positive experience for you and your player!


Contact Information:


For clarification on information in this document please contact Denise Crowell, VP U7 and U9  at d.crowell@bedfordblues.com

or Nancy Oldford, U9 Coordinator at n.oldford@bedfordblues.com