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COVID Update - 01.04.2022

BDMHA Members,   We have revised our reopening date to Jan 7, 2021 at 8am. If teams wish to practice before Jan 7th they can do so provided they use team funds to purchase the ice time.   As per Public Health and HNS guidance: Games and tournaments are not permitted A maximum of 10 participants (including coaches and instructors) will be permitted in the field of play for practices and training; physical distancing is not required during these sessions, but masks are required everywhere in the facility but on the ice Spectators will be not be permitted at any activities Travel restrictions remain in effect that prohibit children age 11 and younger from entering or leaving Nova Scotia to participate in sports   Details on groups of 10: Teams can practice in separate groups of up to 10 (including coaches and instructors) on the ice at the same time. Teams need to ensure that the groups (including coaches and instructors) are completely separated from the time they arrive at the facility until the time they leave. Players could not switch groups (ex: players are not permitted to spend half a practice with one group and then spend the other half with the other group) during the practice. There can be no intermingling of cohorts so the space would have to allow for distancing between cohorts, staggered entry into the facility and onto the field of play, separate change rooms, etc.    Contact tracing: We continue to ask that the team safety rep/manager be informed of any Covid cases. Teams will be considered close contacts if they had exposure to the positive player/coach in the 48h prior to positive test and/or symptoms. Please keep in mind that if the team has multiple cohorts on the ice all players/coaches on the ice are considered close contacts.   As always, stay home if sick. Wear your mask properly and ensure it is 3 layers.    If you have any questions or concerns about the reopening plan, please contact Safety Coordinator, Lori Connors, l.connors@bedfordblues.com
Jan 4, 2022

COVID Update - 12.30.2021

Safety Update: BDMHA continues to pause all hockey operations but we are targeting January 12, 2022 to restart all our programs. The COVID advisory team has continued to meet over the holidays and will meet every few days to determine if any changes are necessary.  Once we restart, BDMHA will do everything possible reschedule games and practices.  Please monitor the Bedford Blues website as we will post any changes there.
Dec 30, 2021

COVID Update - 12.21.2021

Attention BDMHA Membership,    The Association COVID Advisory team met earlier this evening and has decided that all BDMHA activity be paused indefintiely beginning December 22nd, 6 AM. This aligns with the most recent Public Health and Hockey Nova Scotia update released this afternoon. There is currently no return date identified.   We will continue to monitor the situation and will notify you when we can safely return to hockey. 
Dec 22, 2021

COVID Update - 12.17.2021

BDMHA Members:   As COVID cases continue to rise the following changes will be made: 1. Starting tomorrow (Dec 18 at 9am) no affiliate players will be allowed. There will be no exceptions. We will support any teams that need games rescheduled.    2. Starting Monday, Dec 20 at 9am there will be no games. Teams may continue to practice. This will be in effect for 7 days and then will be reassessed.   3. We encourage teams to keep spectators to a minimum.   We continue to take guidance from Public Health and Hockey Nova Scotia. As such, further changes may be required.    Lori Connors Safety Coordinator, BDMHA
Dec 17, 2021

COVID Update - New Restrictions

Starting at 9 a.m. on Friday, Dec. 17, and lasting until at least the new year, the following restrictions impacting hockey will be in place:   spectators are limited to 50 per cent of a facility’s capacity; spectator limits are also capped at a maximum of 150 people a limit of 60 participants indoors and outdoors applies to sports practices, games, and regular league play; physical distancing is not required tournaments are not allowed children age 11 and younger continue to be restricted from entering Nova Scotia to participate in sports and are also restricted from participating in them outside Nova Scotia   There are also new recommendations for close contacts of positive COVID-19 cases, including those who are fully-vaccinated. We detail those below.   REGULAR LEAGUE PLAY   We have clarified with Public Health that regular league play refers to the current league that your team is playing in. This includes provincial leagues.   MASKS   On the ice, masks are not required during practices, training sessions, and games. Off the ice, masks are required everywhere (especially in the dressing room).   It is extremely important that you continue to wear your mask when you are not on the ice.   Please note that coaches and instructors who work with more than one group must wear a mask at all times while inside the facility (including while on the ice).   CLOSE CONTACTS   As a result of the recent outbreak in Nova Scotia, all close contacts of positive COVID-19 cases, including those who are fully-vaccinated, now need to isolate until they have a negative result from a lab-based (PCR) test. The lab test should be performed at least 72 hours after the exposure.   In a hockey context, if two teams play a game within 48 hours of a positive exposure involving a player or coach on either team (meaning a player or coach on one of the teams tests positive for COVID-19 within 48 hours of the game), both teams (as well as the officials) would be considered close contacts. We recognize this is not spelled out clearly on the Public Health website but we have worked with Public Health to determine that this is what they mean.   Due to increased testing and rising positive cases, we are aware that Public Health may be delayed when it comes to reaching out to close contacts. We have seen examples of hockey associations and teams being proactive and abundantly cautious in terms of pausing activities after potential exposures. We commend these groups for prioritizing the safety of their members and wider communities.   For more information on what to do if you are a close contact of a positive COVID-19 case, please click here.   If you have any questions about any of this or about a potential exposure, we encourage you to continue to follow the communication flow in the Rebound Plan 2.0.   To help curb the spread of COVID-19, Public Health is also strongly recommending regular rapid testing for all Nova Scotians. Learn more here.   Dr. Strang will be meeting with the sport sector tomorrow. We will take part in those discussions and will pass along any updates that come out of that meeting.   For now, please continue to be vigilant. It is vital that we do not become complacent. Please continue to wear your mask in the dressing room and everywhere else in the arena when you are not on the ice. Wash your hands often. Do not come to the rink if you are feeling unwell. Follow the Rebound Plan 2.0.   Thank you for all that you do for hockey.   Sincerely,   Amy Walsh Executive Director Hockey Nova Scotia   Arnie Farrell President Hockey Nova Scotia     Garreth MacDonald Communications & Special Events Director Hockey Nova Scotia   259 Commodore Drive Dartmouth, NS, B3B 0M1 902.454.9400   hockeynovascotia.ca
Dec 16, 2021

BDMHA Board Position - Secretary

BDMHA is looking for a volunteer to fill the Secretary position on the BDMHA Executive. The duties of the Secretary include but are not limited to: 1.      Governance of General and Executive Committee meetings and other matters. 2.      Taking and preparing the minutes of the General and Executive Committee meetings. 3.      Managing the schedule of Executive Committee meetings. 4.      Maintaining an archive of the minutes of all the meeting. 5.      Leading or being a member of various committees. If you are interested, please email g.crowell@bedfordblues.com with a brief description of any relative experience or background you may have. Deadline to respond is Sunday, December 12 at 9 pm. 
Dec 8, 2021

COVID Update - Travel Restrictions

Good afternoon everyone,   Earlier today, the province announced that effective immediately, there are new restrictions on out-of-province travel for children age 11 and younger for the purpose of participating in sports, arts, culture events.   Children age 11 and younger are also restricted from entering Nova Scotia for these activities.   Individuals, businesses and organizations in Nova Scotia cannot host sports games, competitions and tournaments that include children 11 and younger from outside the province as participants. They also cannot participate in these types of events outside Nova Scotia.   These restrictions will remain in place until at least early January and will be re-evaluated then.   Children can continue to travel to attend these types of events as spectators. They can continue to travel for regular practices, lessons and rehearsals, which is lower risk because they are interacting with the same group all the time.   All other travel restrictions remain in place. They are detailed here.   To read the complete release from the province, please click here.   These measures are in place to ensure that we can continue to keep playing. Thank you all for your hard work and continued support.   Sincerely,   Amy Walsh Executive Director Hockey Nova Scotia   Arnie Farrell  President  Hockey Nova Scotia
Dec 1, 2021

2021 Noah Llewellyn Tournament

We are very excited to announce that Bedford & District Minor Hockey Association will once again be hosting our annual recreational hockey tournament at the HRM 4-Pad over the Christmas holidays. The tournament will run between the 27th and the 30th of December with games beginning on the morning on the 27th.   Details for the tournament are as follows: Tournament Fee: $750 There will be four divisions – U11, U13, U15 and U18 (C-Level classified teams) Maximum 16 teams per division Game MVPs for all games Tournament champions medals and prizing 50-50 draw Guaranteed a minimum of three games round robin games 3 x 10 min periods stop time Semi-finals and finals for each division elimination games 3 x 12 min periods stop time Teams must be paid in full by December 10, 2021 in order to participate To guarantee your spot you will need to complete the online registration form (Click HERE). Registration will be on a first-come first-serve basis and is required by December 3, 2021. Once we receive your registration you will be contacted on how to make your deposit and/or pay your tournament fee If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Jason Foster (j.foster@bedfordblues.com) or Matt Oxford (m.oxford@bedfordblues.com) Cheers! Noah Llewellyn Tournament Planning Committee
Nov 23, 2021

2021 BDMHA Tryout Survey

BDMHA is encouraging all members that participated in the 2021 Tryout Process to complete the following survey. We understand that there are some areas of concern pertaining to this season's tryout process and would like membership to let us know how they feel.  This survey, as with all our feedback surveys, are anonymous. You don't have to provide any contact information when completing this survey. You can speak freely.   To complete the survey, click HERE This survey will close on Friday, November 12, 2021  
Nov 9, 2021

Safety Update - 11.05.2021

Safety update- Nov 5, 2021   HRM 4-pad: We are now using the main entrance to access all rinks. There will be security staff at the entrances AND safety reps are asked to continue to be present at the door to help with screening. Note: Please ensure players and spectators have POV and proof of ID with them for all games/practices/skills sessions.   Other rinks: Policies and procedures may differ from the HRM 4-pad. Your safety rep will be the liaison for your team for determining those procedures. Please be patient as there are many changes this season.   Travel: As per Hockey Nova Scotia and Public Health, teams with players under 12 are not permitted to travel to NB at this time. Only fully-vaccinated teams may travel to NB.
Nov 5, 2021

Safety Update - 10.16.2021

Effective October 16th: 1. Spectators: There will be no limits on spectator numbers at the HRM 4-pad. Spectators aged 12 and up will need to provide proof of vaccination, as well as show ID.    Team safety reps will screen spectators. For those groups still going through tryouts/evaluations volunteers will screen spectators. No safety rep/volunteer = no spectators for that session.   We will continue to use designated entrances at the HRM 4-pad (A to left of main entrance, B&C main entrance, D to right of main entrance).   If you are playing at another rink your team safety rep should be aware of the spectator rules for that facility and will communicate that to your team.     2. We will no longer be doing individual Covid symptom screening for players. Please stay home if you are sick.   3. Masks are required. No food and drink is permitted in the facility.   As always, any questions please email l.connors@bedfordblues.com   Lori Connors Safety Coordinator, BDMHA
Oct 18, 2021

Association Update - 10.03.2021

To all BDMHA members: As of Oct 4th Nova Scotia is moving into Phase 5 of the reopening plan. With this, we are making some changes to our protocols.  1. Players and spectators may arrive up to 30 minutes before game/practice time. 2. Parents are permitted in dressing rooms for U7, U9, U11. 3. Two spectators are permitted per player. 4. Spectators will need to show proof of vaccination for those age 12 and up, as per Nova Scotia’s Proof of Full Vaccination Policy. We will continue to use designated entrances for each rink (A to left of main entrance, B&C main entrance, D to right of main entrance).Players will continue to be screened for Covid-19 symptoms. Please stay home if you are sick.Masks are required. No food and drink is permitted in the facility. Please note: Restrictions on spectator numbers are required at this time due to volunteer capacity. Please consider volunteering! We will re-evaluate spectator numbers on an ongoing basis and hope to increase spectator numbers if we have enough volunteers. Sign-up to volunteer here: https://linktr.ee/BDMHA Competitive Tryouts and Evaluations - Please monitor these pages for updates U11 AA Competitive Tryouts - click HERE U11 A/B Competitive Tryouts - click HERE U13 AAA Competitive Tryouts - click HERE U13 AA/A/B Competitive Tryouts - click HERE U15 AA/A/B Competitive Tryouts - click HERE U18 AA/A/B Competitive Tryouts - click HERE U9 Pre-Skates & Evaluations - click HERE  Recreation Evaluations - click HERE Let’s go Blues!-- Lori Connors Safety Coordinator, BDMHA
Oct 3, 2021

Safety Update - 09.30.2021

Spectators Only 1 spectator per player is permitted at this time. Screening questions Players, Spectators, Coaches, Instructors and Officials will continue to be screened with COVID-19 screening questions as you enter the rink. Masking Masks are mandatory. On the ice, masks are not required during practices, training sessions, and games. Off the ice, masks will be required. Please note that coaches and instructors who work with more than one group must wear a mask at all times while inside the facility (including while on the ice). Proof of Vaccination Proof of vaccination requirement is the law in Nova Scotia under the Health Protection Act Order issued by the Chief Medical Officer of Health to protect people during the ongoing pandemic. Spectators: Commencing Oct 4th spectators must be fully vaccinated to enter the rink. We will have volunteers checking vaccine records as you enter. A valid piece of ID will be required (Ex: drivers license, passport, government issued ID card, health card, birth certificate, student card, Secure Certificate of Indian Status). Please be kind to our volunteers, we have a zero tolerance policy for abuse of any kind. Parents who are not fully vaccinated will have to either drop off their children for these activities (if that is possible) or have a fully vaccinated adult accompany them (if adult supervision is required or preferred). Please note - Thank you to those parents who sent in your vaccine records. We will continue to check at the door until teams are established with safety reps; then an update will be made (re-screening process). Players: Please submit your record to vaccine@bedfordblues.com or show in person at BMO Oct 2 11:30am-2:30pm/Oct 3 9:30am-12pm Children who turned 12 between January 1 and October 4, 2021 have until December 31, 2021 to attend while they get vaccinated. Children who turn 12 after October 4, 2021 have 3 months from their birthday to get vaccinated. Youth who are 13 to 18 and have proof that they received 1 dose of COVID-19 vaccine can participate in sport, recreation, arts and culture programming hosted by a business or organization as of October 4. To continue participating, they must provide proof of full vaccination by November 9, 2021. In order to be fully vaccinated by November 9, a person needs to get a first dose no later than September 28 and a second dose no later than October 26. If youth choose not to get vaccinated by the time these grace periods end, they will no longer be able to participate until they can provide proof of vaccination. Anyone with a medical exception needs to present a medical exception letter and valid ID in place of proof of full vaccination.   Lori Connors Safety Coordinator l.connors@bedfordblues.com
Oct 1, 2021

2021 Competitive Tryouts Volunteers Needed

Attention BDMHA Members, We are looking for volunteers to assist with screening during the competitive tryout process, particularly with those sessions until October 4th.  The expectation is very simple. Ensure players/spectators are screened and accounted for during each tryout session. The tryout committee will provide you with the necessary tools for completing this task. You can signup for various screening shifts by following the below link. https://signup.com/go/FZuyMHGPlease be respectful to the volunteers as we have been handed this responsibility once again and that any negative treatment will be handled with a zero tolerance policy. Please check the BDMHA site for safety updates regularly as we move into Phase 5Just a reminder to members to send in proof of vaccination for players to vaccine@bedfordblues.com by Oct 1st. If you would prefer to show proof of vaccination in person this can be done at BMO on Sat Oct 2nd 11:30am-2:30pm or Sun Oct 3rd 9:30am-12pm.
Sep 30, 2021

COVID Update - Proof of Vaccine

To All BDMHA members: We are starting verification of vaccination for our players aged 12 and up. We would appreciate your timely attention getting us this information as the policy takes effect next week. Your options for having you/your players vaccine record verified are: 1. Email: Email a copy of you/your players vaccination record to vaccine@bedfordblues.com (BDMHA will not keep copies of vaccination records)Deadline for email submission: Friday, Oct 1st 2. In person (at BMO): Saturday October 2nd, 11:30 am - 2:30 pm Sunday October 3rd, 9:30 am - 12pm  FYI - Important dates (for uninterrupted play): Players age 12:     Birthday between Jan 1 and Oct 4: Must be vaccinated by Dec 31, 2021 Birthday after Oct 4: Must be vaccinated within 3 months of their birthday Player aged 13-18: Must have first dose by Sept 28, 2021 (***If your player will not have their first dose by Sept 28 please email vaccine@bedfordblues.com so that we can plan accordingly) Must have second dose by Oct 26, 2021 If the player does not meet these deadlines by Nov 9th they are not able to participate until fully vaccinated (second dose date + 14 days) Player aged 19 and up: Must be fully vaccinated by Oct 4, 2021  Coaches/Officials/Instructors/Volunteers: Must be fully vaccinated by Oct 4, 2021 You can find your COVID-19 vaccination record online: https://novascotia.flow.canimmunize.ca/en/portalSincerely,Lori Connors BDMHA Safety Coordinator
Sep 29, 2021

COVID Update - Proof of Vaccine FAQ

To all BDMHA members,    Further to our email from September 17th (click HERE) we wanted to send some further information about the upcoming proof of vaccine requirement here in Nova Scotia. This is a Public Health requirement for all Sports NS programming. We have attached the NS FAQ on Proof of vaccination for Sports and Recreation activities for your review (click Sport and Rec Proof of Vaccination FAQ)   We understand that many members have questions about what the requirements are/will be. We expect that a vaccine policy from Hockey NS will be available early next week. As soon as we have further clarification we will be in contact with the membership.   Looking forward to a great season for BDMHA,   Lori Connors BDMHA Safety Coordinator
Sep 20, 2021

Volunteer Positions

BDMHA is looking for passionate individuals that may be interested in the following volunteer positions.  Business Development Coordinator The duties of the Business Development Coordinator include but are not limited to: Coordinate the fundraising activities of the Association including the solicitation and procurement of corporate team sponsors. Ensure that all the appropriate licenses and legal requirements are met, and that all expenditures and funds are accounted for. Monitor the fundraising activities of the Association to ensure they are limited to Executive approved activities for the year. Recommend any departure from this policy for approval to the Executive Committee. Vetting of corporate sponsors for jerseys for the Association's teams. In conjunction with the Equipment Coordinator, ensure that corporate team sponsors are appropriately recognized by corporate cresting on the team jerseys as per the Association's policy. Present corporate sponsorship opportunities to the board for discussion. Tournament Chair Oversee general organization of tournament promotion and activities Assist committee members as needed to ensure that tasks are completed Provide summary of comments/feedback for subsequent tournament committees With the help of Bedford Minor Hockey board members, recruit volunteers to serve on the tournament committee.    Safety Coordinator   The BDMHA Safety Coordinator is responsible for ensuring that all updated and relevant information is passed on to everyone within their association, league, program or team with regards to Hockey NS Rebound Plan and any other Covid protocols enacted by BDMHA or the facilities within which we rent ice.   The BDMHA Safety Coordinator is our first point of contact to all associations with regards to Covid protocols.  The individual must complete the following courses and/or verifications: Completion of Criminal Record Check (CRC) with Vulnerable Sector Verification Hockey Canada Planning a Safe Return to Hockey E-learning module As a broad outline this individual will ensure that all team managers and coaches receive, understand and abide by the following: Updates to Nova Scotia Public Health guidelines, Rebound Plan updates, and local facility guidelines from the Association/League Safety Rep. Meet with participants, parents/caregivers, coaches, and managers before the season begins to walk through the Rebound Plan and the COVID-19 guidelines of their local facilities. Ensuring that the COVID-19 participant self-screening is conducted for each participant before each training (on and off-ice) session. Completing and storing the screening registry. 
Sep 10, 2021

Employment Opportunity

BDMHA is now accepting applications for a part time Hockey Development Coordinator To view the job description, please click HERE Interested individuals may send their cover letter and resume to Scott Urquhart, s.urquhart@bedfordblues.com and Greg Crowell, g.crowell@bedfordblues.com Application deadline: September 30th, 2021    
Sep 10, 2021

2021-22 Registration is now Open!

Registration for the 2021-22 Season is officially OPEN! Online registration for all new and returning players is available by accessing the BDMHA registration store: click HERE Registration will close on Thursday, September 9, 11:59 pm.  If you have any registration questions, please contact Matt Oxford, m.oxford@bedfordblues.com Walk-in registration details will be posted in the coming days. There will be a new format this season for manual registration. We will no longer have paper or PDF registration forms.  New for 2021-22: eTransfer payments will be accepted and sent to m.oxford@bedfordblues.com (auto-deposit, no passwords required).
Aug 7, 2021

BDMHA Launches New Website Powered by GrayJay!

We are thrilled to launch our new and improved website, powered by the GrayJay Leagues platform from grayjaysolutions.com! Our new website brings a contemporary new look to our online presence, as well as new functionality, such as real-time scoring, electronic gamesheets, roster management, schedule management with conflict alerts, and much more! The real-time scoring feature allows officials to easily update games as they happen, including goals, penalties, etc. on a mobile phone, tablet, or PC. This information is immediately available on the website for people to follow the game in the stands or at home. Game data is automatically added to the team and player statistics on the website, and historical data has been imported to provide the user with a complete set of data in one convenient location. Electronic gamesheets are auto-generated for easy and improved record keeping. Team and game rosters can be managed from any location with an internet connection to allow us to keep you up-to-date with the most current roster information. We are excited for the possibilities of our new website and hope you will love it as much as we do!
Aug 6, 2021

2021-22 Coach Applications

BDMHA Online Coach Application period is now CLOSED for the 2021-22 Season. Application Deadline: July 23, 2021The below executive VPs will be coordinating coach selections within the associationVP Competitive, Brian Furdas, b.furdas@bedfordblues.comVP Recreation, Jason Foster, j.foster@bedfordblues.comVP U9/U7, Denise Crowell, d.crowell@bedfordblues.com   If you missed the coach application deadline, please reach out to the above VP to receive an application link or to have you name added to the prospective coach lists. 
Jun 30, 2021

2021 Annual General Meeting - Final Notice

For immediate release BDMHA Annual General Meeting Date: Saturday, June 26 - 28, starting at 2 pm via Zoom or Microsoft Teams (Virtual).To register for attendance, please click HERE. Only those who register will receive the access link.  Agenda - click HERE Annual Report - click HERE You do not have to attend the AGM to participate in the executive position vote. The voting will take place the following day on Sunday June 27, 2021 from 12:00 – 5:00PM at the HRM 4-Pad (BMO Center).  Executive Position Voting Procedures The executive position vote will take place on Sunday June 27th, 2021 from 12:00-5:00PM at our home rink, the HRM 4-Pad (BMO Centre).   Here are the details: Date - Sunday, June 27, 12 - 5 pm Location - HRM 4-Pad (formerly BMO Centre) In person vote – you have to attend to have your vote counted One vote per household Which means that multi participant households will only have one vote You will receive two (2) ballots - one for VP Competitive, one for VP Operations The Nomination Committee will count the votes (Jamie Leblanc, Regional Director - will be present to confirm the count and represent HNS) The AGM will reconvene on Monday, June 28th (time TBD) to announce the results of the election and the new executive will take their seats to conclude the meeting.  All current COVID protocols will be in effect for the election (i.e. masks) NOTE - The doors will close at 5 pm sharp, we will not extend past this time regardless of any lineup outside.  Some Facility Guidelines/Procedures: Voters will enter facility main doors (election committee will be ensuring facility limits are maintained at entrance) - be prepared to potentially wait in a lineup Voters will proceed to the check-in tables There will be 2 tables based on PLAYER LAST NAME We realize that some households have players with different last names, we will try our best to group those players but you may have to assist us if there are issues.  Voter will register and receive their ballots You will receive two (2) ballots - one for VP Competitive, one for VP Operations Proceed to the voting stations Once finished, voter will drop completed ballot in the designated box.  Exit through the main doors Candidate Information For the 2021-22 season, we will have a vote for 2 executive positions.  VP Competitive VP Operations To read each candidate's information please click the following links VP Operations Christien Lefebvre - click HERE Eric Villeneuve - click HERE VP Competitive Brian Furdas - click HERE Stefanie Redden - click HERE    
Jun 18, 2021

2021 Nominations Committee Update

As stated in a previous communications post, the deadline for Nominations for positions on the 2021-22 BDMHA Executive was May 18, 2021.The nominations committee was comprised of Keith Foster - Past President (CHAIR) Cameron McInnis - BDMHA Member at large Chris Blanchard - BDMHA member at large Kevin Foster - BDMHA member at large The committee has reviewed and approved all nominated candidates. These nominated members will stand for election or acclaimation at the upcoming BDMHA AGM.The executive slate for the 2021-22 Hockey Season is as follows: President - Scott Urquhart (acclaimed) VP Recreation - Jason Foster (acclaimed) VP Finance - Jeff Christian (acclaimed) VP U9/U7 - Denise Crowell (acclaimed) VP Development - Kyle Schmeisser (acclaimed) Secretary - Greg Crowell (acclaimed) There will be a vote for the following executive positions at the AGM. Details of how the vote will be conducted is TBD.  VP Competitive Stefanie Redden Brian Furdas VP Operations Eric Villeneuve Christian Lefebvre The Annual General Meeting of BDMHA is currently set for Saturday, June 26, 2 pm @ the HRM 4-Pad (formerley BMO Centre) Multipurpose room. A virtual AGM will be held if in-person gatherings are not possible. Keith FosterChairman Nomination Committee
May 25, 2021

2021 Nominations Committee & AGM

The Annual General Meeting of BDMHA is currently set for Saturday, June 26, 2 pm @ the HRM 4-Pad (formerley BMO Centre) Multipurpose room. A virtual AGM will be held if in-person gatherings are not possible. The 2021 BDMHA Nomination Committee will be comprised of the following individuals; Keith Foster - Past President (CHAIR) Cameron McInnis - BDMHA Member at large Chris Blanchard - BDMHA member at large Kevin Foster - BDMHA member at large The Nominating Committee will recruit for and accept applications for Executive and Executive Committee positions up to May 18, 2021.Nominees for Executive Officer positions will be posted on the Association website by May 25, 2021.Members of the Association may nominate qualified individuals for Executive Officer positions by providing written notice to the President by May 18, 2021, bdmha.president@gmail.comThe nomination must include the following: the name of the individual being nominated; the position for which they are nominated; the consent of the nominee to serve in the position if elected; and, the signatures of not less than five (5) members in good standing indicating their support for the nominee. If there is only one nominee for a position as an Executive Officer, that nominee will be appointed to the position by acclamation at the Annual General Meeting.Should two or more nominations exist for a position as an Executive Officer, a vote will be held at the Annual General Meeting to determine who will hold the position for the next year.The vote will be in-person in accordance to any gathering limit restrictions. More details to follow on process once the nominations are announced. If there are no nominations for a position as an Executive Officer, within 14 days of the Annual General Meeting the new Executive Officers elected or acclaimed at the Annual General Meeting will appoint by majority vote any member in good standing to the vacant position and the usual qualifications may be waived for this purpose.  
May 6, 2021