Semi & Annual General Meetings


2023 AGM Details

  • Date: Saturday, June 24, 2023 (NEW) - News article detailing why the change HERE
  • Time: 2 pm (voting for executive positions will open at 1:30 pm and close at 3:30 pm)
  • Location: CPA High School - Cafeteria - Entry to the cafeteria is through the main Community Centre doors and then down the hall
  • LIVE STREAM LINK: Via BDMHA's Facebook Page - HERE
  • 2022-23 Annual Report: HERE
  • 2022-23 AGM PointPoint Slides: HERE 
  • Nominees for Consideration
    • VP Competitive: Kyla Burry (BIO HERE) & Brian Furdas (BIO HERE) - Winner: Brian Furdas 
    • VP Operations: Ken Lenihan (BIO HERE) & Chris Snide (BIO HERE) - Winner: Ken Lenihan

Proposed Constiutional Changes by the Constitutional Committee - HERE

Additional Constitutional Amendments proposed by members other than the Consitutional Committee can be found below

  • Amendment to Article VI, VII, VIII, X, XIX - HERE
  • Amendment to Article X & Article XVIII - HERE 

AGM Agenda:

1.     Call to order by the President

2.     Roll call of the members (circulate sign-up sheet)

3.     Reading and Approval of previous minutes

4.     President’s Report

5.     Vice President Operations Report

6.     Division Vice President’s Report

7.     VP Finance Report

8.     Presentation of next season’s budget and fee structure

9.     Awards Committee – Announcement of 2023 Awards

10.  Resolutions and Discussions

a.     Constitutional Update Review

                                                    i.     Motion to accept proposed changes

                                                   ii.     2nd to accept proposed changes

                                                 iii.     Vote on Proposed Changes

b.     Other Discussions as requested by Membership

11.  Election of Executive Officers for the next season

12.  New Business

13.  Adjournment

Past Reports

Year Semi-Annual Report Minutes Annual Report Minutes
2022-23     Click HERE Click HERE
2021-22 N/A N/A Click HERE Click HERE (unapproved)
2020-21 N/A N/A Click HERE Click HERE
2019-20 Click HERE   Click HERE  
2018-19 Click HERE   Click HERE  
2017-18 Click HERE   Click HERE  
2016-17 Click HERE   Click HERE  
2015-16 Click HERE   Click HERE  
2014-15 Click HERE   Click HERE  
2013-14 Click HERE   Click HERE  
2012-13 Click HERE   Click HERE