Amended September 1, 2020

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The name of the Association shall be the Bedford and District Minor Hockey Association herein referred to as the "Association" or "B&DMHA" or “BDMHA” ARTICLE II: ASSOCIATION BOUNDARIES The Association Boundaries will be in accordance with the boundaries set out by the Nova Scotia Minor Hockey Council (NSMHC). A full description and map (click HERE) of the approved boundaries will be posted on the Association's website for the reference of members.


The Association is established as the governing and administrative body whose purpose is to provide an opportunity for the youth of Bedford and the defined surrounding districts to participate in the Hockey Nova Scotia, the Central Minor Hockey Federation and the Metro Minor Hockey League sanctioned hockey programs.The Association is bound by the by-laws and rules of the Hockey Canada (HC), Hockey Nova Scotia (HNS), the Nova Scotia Minor Hockey Council (NSMHC), the Central Minor Hockey Federation (CMHF) and the Metro Minor Hockey League (MMHL).All members of the Association will be bound by the terms of the Code of Conduct which has been passed by the Executive Committee and available for review on the Association website.


The Association colours will be the St. Louis Blues colours –royal blue with goldenrod and white trim (away colours); and white with royal blue and golden rod trim (home colours).Any Bedford Blues jerseys, clothing or other paraphernalia must adhere to this colour scheme format.The Association jackets, track suits, sweaters and other clothing items will be predominately royal blue and must be purchased from the Association’s approved supplier.


A parent or legal guardian who has a child registered with the Association, and has paid all annual registration fees plus has no other outstanding fees owed within the Association, will be considered a member in good standing of the Association and may exercise the right to vote at the annual general meeting (one vote per family).


  1. The Association shall be governed by the Executive Officers who shall be elected for a one (1) year term by majority vote at the Annual General Meeting.
  2. The Executive Officers shall consist of the following
    1. President
    2. Vice-President Operations
    3. Vice-President Competitive
    4. Vice-President Finance
    5. Vice-President Development
    6. Vice-President IP/Novice
    7. Vice-President Recreational
    8. Secretary
  3. Any member in good standing or who was a member in good standing within the previous two (2) calendar years may stand for positions as Executive Officers subject to the following qualifications:
    1. Any member standing for the position of President must have at least one (1) year of experience as a Vice-President in B&DMHA;
    2. Any Member standing for one of the Vice President roles, with the exception of the VicePresident IP/Novice, must have at least one year of experience as a member of the Executive Committee in B&DMHA or in an equivalent role in another minor hockey association. The Vice-President IP/Novice must have a minimum of one-year hockey volunteer experience; and,
    3. Any member standing for the position of Vice President Finance must have a professional accounting designation or equivalent experience as determined by the Executive Committee.
  4. No one person can be elected as an Executive Officer for more than three (3) consecutive one (1) year terms in the same position
  5. In the event that the position of President becomes vacant prior to the end of the one-year term, one of the Vice-Presidents will be appointed by a majority vote of the remaining Executive Officers and assumes the position of President for the remaining portion of that one-year term
  6. In the event that any other executive officer position becomes vacant during a one year term the remaining Executive Officers may appoint a qualified person by majority vote to fill the position for the duration of the one year term.
  7. The Executive Committee shall oversee the day-to-day operations of the Association and shall consist of the Executive Officers and the following:
    1. Certification Coordinator;
    2. Business Development Coordinator;
    3. Equipment Manager;
    4. Referee-in-Chief;
    5. Contracts and Risk Management Coordinator;
    6. Controller;
    7. MMHL Delegate (who may be the VP Rec);
    8. CMHF Delegate (who may be the VP Competitive);
    9. Divisional Coordinators at each level, including IP/Novice, Atom, Peewee, Bantam and Midget;
    10. Past President, who serves for the year or years immediately following the year or years in which he/she served as President;
    11. Social Media Coordinator
    12. 50/50 Coordinator
    13. Hockey Development Professional; and,
    14. In the event that the Association does not have an Administrator, the Executive Committee may also include a Registrar and an Ice Coordinator
  8. The Executive Committee members aforesaid shall be appointed for the year by the Executive officers. Executive Committee members must have a minimum of two years hockey volunteer experience with B&DMHA or another minor hockey association, with the exception of the Coordinator IP/Novice, the Contracts and Risk Management Coordinator and the Controller. The Contracts and Risk Management Coordinator will preferably have a legal background. The Controller will preferably have a professional accounting certification.
  9. Any person serving as an Executive Officer or on the Executive Committee cannot use their position for their own personal gain and must avoid any conflict of interest between their personal interests and their responsibilities to the Association. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, unless the Association will directly benefit from an endeavor the Executive Officer or Executive Committee Member cannot use the Association to promote or enhance their personal or business interest
  10. Executive Officers and Executive Committee members may be removed from office for reasons of incompetence or actions that contravene the policies and principles of the Association as described in this constitution. The removal of an Executive Committee member shall be in accordance with the Complaints procedure set out in this constitution.
  11. Executive Committee Meetings
    1. The Executive Committee will meet at least four (4) times yearly or as often as the President deems necessary to facilitate the operation of the Association. Parliamentary rules of procedure will govern the Executive Committee Meeting.
    2. Only Executive Officers will vote on matters during Executive Committee meetings.
    3. A quorum for Executive Committee meetings will consist of 50% or more of the President, Secretary and the six (6) Vice Presidents, represented either in person or by written proxy notice of assignment to another Executive Officer. Confirmation of the proxy assignment will be documented by the assigning member’s signature on the agenda for that meeting.
    4. The President and/or the Vice President Operations must be in attendance or in exceptional circumstances another Executive Officer may be given prior written delegation by the President to conduct the meeting.
    5. The Executive Committee meetings will serve as a forum for:
      1. Reporting of the Committee members on their area of responsibility;
      2. Discussing and deciding on courses of action to be taken for the efficient administration of the hockey program;
      3. Dealing with disputed or escalated disciplinary matters, on the advice of the Discipline Committee, complaints and Appeals;
      4. Review reports of the Discipline Committee.
      5. Reporting on waiver applications and player movement;
      6. Determining the number of teams for each division;
      7. Recommending policies and procedures plus resolutions for ratification at the Annual General Meeting;
      8. Approving the recommended annual budget;
      9. Review all other financial matters for the Association and recommending a fee structure for the following season, to be submitted for final approval at the next Annual General Meeting;
      10. Appointment of a Parent Concern Coordinator (if applicable) xi) Any other business of a policy, statutory, procedural or financial nature concerning the Association.
      11. It is expected that all members of the Executive Committee attend all Executive Committee Meetings.


  1. The Nominating Committee will recruit for and accept applications for Executive and Executive Committee positions up to twenty-one (21) days prior to the Annual General Meeting.
  2. Nominees for Executive Officer positions will be posted on the Association website not less than fourteen (14) days prior to the Annual General Meeting.
  3. Members of the Association may nominate qualified individuals for Executive Officer positions by providing written notice to the President not less than twenty-one (21) days prior to the Annual General Meeting. The nomination must include the following:
    1. the name of the individual being nominated;
    2. the position for which they are nominated;
    3. the consent of the nominee to serve in the position if elected; and,
    4. the signatures of not less than five (5) members in good standing indicating their support for the nominee
  4. If there is only one nominee for a position as an Executive Officer that nominee will be appointed to the position by acclamation at the Annual General Meeting
  5. Should two or more nominations exist for a position as an Executive Officer a vote will be held at the Annual General Meeting to determine who will hold the position for the next year
  6. Should there be no nominee for a position as an Executive Officer within 14 days of the Annual General Meeting the new Executive Officers elected or acclaimed at the Annual General Meeting will appoint by majority vote any member in good standing to the vacant position and the usual qualifications may be waived for this purpose.



The President is responsible for ensuring the Association’s mission, goals and objectives are met through the effective management and delivery of the minor hockey program. More specifically, the President’s duties include but are not limited to:

    1. Organize and call General and Executive Committee meetings as appropriate. The President will serve as the chairman of such meetings.
    2. Liaise with the CMHF, MMHL, HNS, NSMHC and other related hockey branches and ensure the Association acts in compliance with the rules, regulations and policies of those bodies.
    3. Communicate with the membership through newsletters or other methods to ensure all members are kept up-to-date with issues affecting BDMHA
    4. Act on behalf of the Association at any meeting or with any matter where representation of the Association is required.
    5. Supervise the Hockey Development Professional and lead the negotiation of the terms of any employment contract of the Hockey Development Professional
    6. Lead the negotiation of the terms of any employment contract of the Association Administrator The President cannot be a Coach, Assistant Coach, Team official or On-Ice Official in the Association (except for provisions under Article XVI b).

Past President

The Past President is responsible for ensuring the current Executive benefits from the knowledge and experiences of previous years and will Chair the Nominating Committee whose responsibility it is to ensure a full slate of qualified nominees are presented at the Annual General Meeting for consideration and election. Division Vice Presidents: (Competitive, Recreation, Female and IP/Novice). The Division Vice Presidents play an integral role in the implementation of the Association's policies and the successful operation of the Association depends largely on the Division Vice Presidents efforts.

While not a prerequisite, previous experience and hockey knowledge (i.e., coaching, managing, etc.) are desirable for the position of a Division Vice President.